Sunday, October 19, 2008

Imaginary EP Available for FREE!

We are giving the Imaginary EP away for FREE (or you can pay what you want)! In exchange we ask that you just tell as many people you can about the EP. Just use the "widget" below to download. Thanks!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Videos

Here are some videos of live performances and an interview we did for


My Wet Tongue:


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guerillafest = Blissfest

I am thrilled to report that Guerilla Fest was a huge success!!!! It was so awesome!!! My band the Happy Hollows, along with the Primos, the Widow Babies, AM, Dirt Dress, and Traps, all traveled throughout LA playing at different locations from noon- 5:55 pm. It was so amazing, and was pulled off without confrontation from the authorities! It was unbelieveable! We each played in a different location thoughout the day and the caravaning crowd seemed to grow larger as we went.

The first band played in a tunnel underground in Echo Park, then we went to a parking lot near downtown, then in the middle of buildings in mid wilshire, then in a pumpkin patch (at the grove!), then underneath this electrical structure next to a freeway intersection, and then finally, in oil fields somewhere above the city!
It was so wonderful! All of the bands were so awesome! It was the most wonderful feeling of freedom and artistry and creativity and commrodery I have EVER experienced from playing Live! It was truely a team effort, and a bonding experience with the bands and everyone who came along to watch for the festival! Thank you to everyone who came and helped out!

Happy Hollows in NYC @ CMJ

Come see us play in NYC!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

GUERILLA-FEST - Locations and Set Times

Guerilla-Fest is going ahead as planned on October 11! As we said in the last message, six bands (Dirt Dress, Happy Hollows, Widow Babies, AM, Primos, and ( )) will caravan around the city and play short sets at six different locations. Below is a map with the set times / locations. Set locations are marked with numbers. More info on specific locations is below.

Here is more info on specific locations:

1. Glendale and Clifford – Dirt Dress – 1:00pm

Site: Glendale and Clifford right before 2 Fwy entrance. Underground tunnel with entrances on both NE and NW sides of the street.

Parking: Street parking on Clifford, NE side.

2. Beaudry between 1st and 2nd – Happy Hollows – 1:48pm

Site: Beaudry between 1st and 2nd on top of one-story building.

Parking: Parking on SW corner of 1st and Beaudry in Prestige parking lot, as well as street parking on 1st and 2nd near Beaudry. No parking on top of building.

Metrorail: Civic Center station @ Hill and 1st streets. Half a mile east of the 2nd location. From this location to the 3rd location take the 2:19pm Purple line train heading west.

3. Wilshire between Serrano and Oxford – the Widow Babies – 2:48pm

Site: In trees in front of the Radio Korea building on the south side of Wilshire, one block east of the Denny's and the Wiltern.

Parking: Parking on the upper levels of the Ralphs parking lot on Oxford behind Denny's, this is if you feel like disobeying the signage. Metered street parking on Oxford and Serrano north and south of Wilshire

Metrorail: Wilshire and Western stop. One block northwest of 3rd location. If coming from 2nd location you should arrive around 2:30pm.

4. 3rd and Fairfax – the Primos – 3:48pm

Site: The NW corner of Fairfax and 3rd in the pumpkin patch.

Parking: Parking limited. The Whole Foods parking lot on the SE corner of Fairfax and 3rd is an option. Street parking where you can find it. Paid parking in the Grove structure is an option as well.

5. Fairfax and Apple – AM – 4:39pm

Site: The NE corner of Apple St. and Fairfax near the 10 Fwy under the power tower on the corner.

Parking: Parking can be found at the Park and Ride parking lot at the SE corner of Fairfax and Washington. Enter the lot by making a left a little past Washington. No parking beside the electric tower.

6. Fairfax between Stocker and Slauson – (unnamed band) – 5:25pm

Site: The oil derricks on the west side of Fairfax Ave. It's an indention in the fencing before the park/soccer field that's also on the west side of Fairfax.

Parking: Parking available on the street near the park. No parking in the gate indention.

*Please put this information away when you arrive at a location. If you arrive at a location before the start time please sit back before gathering. We don't want to draw a crowd before a band gets a chance to set up.*

Thursday, October 2, 2008


On October 11, we will be taking part in a conceptual / sociological / fun experiment with six bands playing in this order: Dirt Dress, Happy Hollows, Widow Babies, AM, Primos, and ( ), in which each band plays at a different, non-traditional public space in Los Angeles. The purpose of the project is to remove bands from their traditional spatial contexts as well as to explore the city and pique the interest of passersby. For lack of a better name, we are calling it Guerilla-Fest.

All the bands will travel around in a van, with a generator for the PA and shared gear. Each band will help the other set up the stage and take it down.

The Fest will begin in Silver Lake and end in Inglewood.

More info on exact locations next week!!!