Friday, February 26, 2010

Troubadour and Other Upcoming Tour/SXSW Dates!

We are playing a very special SXSW kickoff show at The Troubadour on Friday, March 12w/ The Veils and Twilight Sleep!


Also, Sarah made a poster!

Here are our other upcoming tour dates including SXSW. These are going to be updated frequently so please check back for changes:

March 3 - Washington, DC - Black Cat (tickets)
March 4 - Philadelphia - North Star (tickets)
March 5 - New York - Cakeshop
March 12 - Los Angeles - Troubadour (tickets)
March 13 - Phoenix - Trunk Space
March 14 - El Paso - Percolator
March 15 - Ft. Worth - The Moon
March 16 - NBC - TBA ;)
March 17 - Austin - Red Eyed Fly (Little Radio Party) - 3:30PM
March 17 - Austin - Jaime's (Autumn Tone Showcase) - 9:00PM
March 18 - Austin - Scoot Inn (Baeble Music Party) - 12:30PM
March 18 - Austin - Lustre Pearl (Filter/Dickies Party) - 3:00PM
March 18 - Austin - Lambert's - Aquarium Drunkard Party - 5:00PM
March 19 - Austin - Republic Live - (CoS / Rawk Plog! Party) - 1:30PM
March 19 - Austin - Guero's - 8:00PM
March 20 - Austin - Homeslice Pizza (WOXY/Ship Party) - 5:00PM

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Hollows Cover Song for 826LA Benefit! Please Donate!

Maybe you've heard about 826LA. It's an incredible educational nonprofit that helps Los Angeles-area students ages 6-18 with everything from reading skills to college prep. They also help students of all ages publish books, make movies, and, once a year, write songs to be recorded and performed by an L.A. band.

This year, we're recording one of the student-written songs. It's called Weird Group of Bandits and it was written by Miguel and 11 year old, Oscar. We love it. It might be the best song ever!!!

To help keep 826LA alive for another year, so they can help students in Los Angeles with their homework and writing projects and create awesome songs like Weird Group of Bandits, please go online to and vote for our song with a tax-deductible donation. A bunch of other students wrote songs that are pretty good, and you might like them too, so you can vote for them, but vote for ours the most.

This is the biggest fundraiser of the season for 826LA and it starts right now. They're an incredible organization, we're doing this for free to help them, so if you like us, like the song, and want to help the kids of Los Angeles, please go to all the time and vote as much as you can. Thank you.

Also there's a show March 6th at the Echoplex at 1pm where some of the bands will be playing, we'll be there and you should go!