Monday, March 19, 2012

Tracking Finished! On to Mixing!

Sarah finished up recording vocals last week so we are done with tracking for the new album!

Now we move on to mixing (aka The Twilight Zone). We'll probably be tweaking the songs for a couple of weeks.

Below, check out a 1950s oscillator that we used as a synth for one song.

Here is a picture of waaaay too many pedals:

Here is another little preview video!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Album II Update III - Working on Vocals

Sarah is deep into tracking vocals and, as of today, singing for 10-12 songs is complete. She is able to get through about two songs a day and we take a break every couple of days to let her voice rest. When she's in the vocal booth Sarah has a big box of supplies including raw honey, licorice tea, bark syrup, a magical rose quartz crystal, water, and a little whiskey. Check it out:

We are hoping to finish vocals and overdubs this week and finish up mixes by the end of the month!

Here are two more little preview videos.