Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Hollows' "High Wire" Featured in Samsung Mobile Commercial

Many people have been writing us asking if, indeed, that is the Happy Hollows on your friendly neighborhood T.V. set? The answer is "yes"! That is us playing our song "High Wire" in a Samsung Mobile phone commercial! You can listen to the song at the links below:

Happy Hollows on MySpace

Happy Hollows on Facebook

And you can buy the song and our album at ITunes, Amazon.com, or any other online music store.

Also, the band has never played in Cleveland before but we have, in fact, played in New York...but we hope to play in Cleveland someday.

More details will be made available as they emerge.

Over and out.


slinking_cat said...

it's rare that i find new music that i actually like. i quit listening to the radio about five years ago, and so i usually find out about it randomly...like through commercials (and i really have to like a song to go searching online for it!)

the first time the commercial came on, i was working on my computer and didn't bother looking at whatever product it was, but i REALLY liked the song and wished i'd watched commercial...i finally saw the commercial again tonight and found out who you guys are.

i'm really enjoying all of the tunes on your MySpace!!!! they remind me of my high school years, listening to bands like Lush, Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses, maybe a little Daisy Chainsaw, etc.

keep it up, cos the current crop of "popular music" is generally pretty disappointing. we need more bands like you!

B.G. said...

heard the song on the samsung commercial...like it alot. hope to hear more of your stuff.

Buckshot Frank said...

congrats on the commercial, I thought i recognized you guys. so cool.



keep up the good work

32feet said...

congrats guys. "high wire" just broke into my espn college bowl telecast and i thought, "that. is. awesome." glad to see everything is shaking out.

Ryan said...

Samsung is one of our advertisers and after hearing the song play several times as pre-roll to our own videos, well, I just had to buy it on iTunes.


Ryan Douthit

The Dave said...

has the band ever used an Omnia? ;D